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Keep reading to discover why pop ups are still the most powerful tool for getting people to respond to your content and offers, and why a bad pop up plugin could be doing more damage than good!

Now anybody can create powerful pop ups
with push button simplicity!


Because the truth is...

Your website is not
“just another WordPress blog”
and Stakk is not
“just another pop up plugin”

Stakk gives you the power to create five different, fully customizable pop ups that can be run on any WordPress page and theme, within seconds.

Step 1: Create a new Stakk pop up

First up, create your Stakk. Enter the basic settings for
your pop up before you start customizing it.

Step 2: Select your Stakk pop up style

Once you have defined your general Stakk settings, choose which type of pop up you want to use and then make it your own...

Email Opt Ins

Create beautiful, clean 1 and 2 step opt in boxes that build your list like crazy. Link your favourite auto responder without any coding.. Or copy paste in your form code to bypass 2 step confirmations and start marketing to your hungry customers instantly!


Video and Images

Insert attention grabbing video or images to drive traffic to your money pages, subscription areas or affiliate offers easier than ever.


Quickly add pop up surveys to find out what your visitors truly want from you and your website. No more wasting time creating offers or content that your visitors don’t want.


Countdown Timers

Add beautiful, hard to ignore, highly flexible, “smart” countdown timers to create a sense of urgency and boost conversions instantly.

Special Offers

Create clean, clear offer boxes to highlight your product features and benefits and generate clicks to your money pages. Perfect for affiliate blogs, sales websites, or anyone that wants more traffic to their offer pages.


..Then Stakk these features into combo 'Power Pop-Ups'!

Step 3: Set your Background and Animations

Once your pop up is Stakked and ready - add an eye popping dynamic entry animation, HD Image
or Video Background with ease!

Animated Entry

Pick from a large range of our dynamic animations for when your Stakk animates onto the viewers screen!

HD Image backgrounds

Add a crisp HD image for your full page background to match your  campaign and convert your impressed leads like crazy!

HD Video Backgrounds

Add HD video backgrounds by simply pasting in a link and set the perfect mood for the lead to take action!

...and that's just the tip of the iceberg! With Stakk the
only limit is your imagination...

...with the multitudes of features, settings, backgrounds and combinations the sky's the limit in how you will WOW your visitors with your next campaign!

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And once you're up and running...

Your main Dash and Analytics keep you in full control!

Know exactly what's working, what's not and how much money you're making with Analytics...

As you can see, Stakk is...

Made for Marketers
(Not Nerds..)

With Stakk you'll have it all locked down.. for good!

  • No design/coding skills needed.

    Save thousands of dollars and days of waiting on freelancers to respond and deliver projects, if at all…
  • Works with any WordPress theme.

    Past, current or future, Stakk works on any WordPress theme you’re running.
  • Fully customizable to your needs.

    No more ugly, untrustworthy looking pop ups that annoy visitors. 
  • Works flawlessly and delivers.

    Buggy and cheap pop ups can slow your site down and irritate your visitors, never to return.  Stakk does the opposite.

But wait, do i really need to use pop-ups on my site?

If you’re tired of people leaving your website without filling out your survey, consuming and sharing your content, subscribing to your newsletter or buying your stuff, then pop ups are the answer.


Because even if your page design and content suck, the
right type of pop up can create a crystal clear call
to action that people cannot ignore!

In fact...

Warning: Your biggest
competitors want you to think
that pop ups are “dead”
but they’re lying to you...

Because the truth is, pop ups work and the real experts know it...

  • Michael Stelzner

    Founder of one of the top social media blogs, attributes 70% of their email subscriptions to their popup form.

  • Dan Zarella -

    “Between late January and early May of 2011 the popup on my site was temporarily disabled. I found that my signup rate doubled with the popup enabled and there was no noticeable change in bounce rates.”

  • Visual Web Optimizer

    A leading A/B testing tool, saw a 50% increase in signups for their platform when they switched from just having a call to action button on their homepage to having a popup free trial offer.

  • Mauro D Andrea -

    “Pop-ups are probably one of the best ways to increase your email subscribers. And fast.”

The problem is...

Most pop up plug-ins suck!

Why settle for ugly, annoying and buggy pop ups that slow down your website and repel your visitors...

(... assuming you’re lucky enough to find a plugin that actually works with your current WordPress theme.)

after all...

  • Rob Carpenter -

    “Pages with a well-designed and thoughtfully implemented pop-up convert better than ones with a crappy pop-up. A truly hideous pop-up can drive a large proportion of your audience away, their perception of your brand irrevocably tarnished.”

You deserve better... and Stakk is the answer!

...See what the Community has to say about Stakk!

Mark Thompson

"Blown away by just how simple it was to create full page opt-ins with all different types of customisations..."

Wilco de Kreij

"A whole lot of features i've never seen in another plug-in..."

Joey Xoto

"The Go-to pop up plug-in i would recommend to customers, partners and affiliates..."

Ali Chowdhry

"Need to have product for every Marketer..."

James Sides

"Most definitely going to be putting to good use in my business..."

Jonathan Heusman

"Going to be building some massive lists using this..."

Try Stakk today and turn your limp WordPress pages into marketing powerhouses within seconds!

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Our Guarantee Policy

If you can’t make this pay for itself within 30 days, you pay nothing! 

We are so confident that Stakk will bring you more traffic, subscribers, fans and buyers, within 30 days or less, otherwise, you get your money back with no questions asked!

How can we be so sure? Well, with just a few sales of a low-priced product in the next 30 days, you're already clearing your investment here today. And with Stakk in your corner of the ring, that's no sweat.

Just think how many more sales you could be making from all the extra visitors, subscribers and market research that Stakk can bring in, once your pages are Stakked, your promotions are loud and your traffic become Instant Fans!

Therefore, if for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund all your money back with no questions asked. Simply put, we don't deserve to accept your money unless you are completely satisfied with the product. We are taking all the risk for you and you have nothing to lose!

With Stakk you can finally..

  • Save time on coding and design.

    If you can push a few buttons and slide a few sliders, you’re already qualified to create your own pop ups within seconds using Stakk.
  • Save money on multiple plugins and scripts.

    Stakk is loaded with five awesome pop ups that would cost you bags of cash to buy separately, if you ever find them at all.
  • Enjoy total power pop up control.

    Customize everything so that your pop ups work exactly how you need them to and start getting the results you need for your business!

The only thing Stakk can’t do is create your offer for you...

Sure, Stakk is probably the most awesome WordPress pop up tool you’ll ever find, but it’s not magic.

You still need a solid offer or content to use it with.
You bring the offers and content and Stakk will
make sure people see it and respond to it.

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